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Herbal Tea Starter Kit
bundle & save

Tea Strainer with resting cup & choice of herbal tea 25-30 CUPS

  • Your choice of premium caffeine-free tea in compostable pouch.
  • Tea Strainer with resting cup makes steeping mess-free and stylish. Allows full expansion of leaves for exceptional flavor.
  • Real ingredients that support digestion, sleep, and more. Packed with antioxidants.
  • Crafted with 100% pure ingredients. No added sugar, flavourings, preservatives, or anything else.
  • Makes 25-30 cups.
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If you haven't tried the Firebelly Tea Strainer yet, this bundle is a great chance to save and get it with the premium herbal tea of your choice. See the difference our innovative tea infuser makes and sample your choice of caffeine-free tea made with wellness-supporting real ingredients.

A serious upgrade to your steeping. This fine-mesh strainer comes with a stylish resting cup, so you don’t slop liquid on your table. Just transfer the strainer from your teacup to the resting cup after steeping. Filters out even the finest tea particles while allowing full expansion of your tea, for the richest flavour.

Your choice of exceptional tea, made with only real ingredients:

Paradise combines chamomile and lemon verbana to soothe, relax, and get you ready for your best night's sleep. Apple, lavender, and rosehips add layers of flavor to every sip. Ingredients: Lemon Verbena Leaves, Chamomile, Apple, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Lavender, Rosehips. | 1.59oz - 45g

A Good Root is not your average ginger tea. Premium organic ginger, turmeric, and galangal warm the body from the inside to boost immune function and healthy circulation, ease inflammation, and provide natural detoxification. Lightly sweetened with licorice root, this tea is a warming treat that does your body good. Ingredients: Ginger, Licorice Root, Galangal, Moringa, Turmeric. | 4.4oz - 125g

A Breath of Fresh Air is made with two types of premium peppermint plus eucalyptus to soothe the gut, aid digestion, and boost calm. Twice the peppermint means twice the antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, for a refreshing caffeine-free boost that does wonders for overall wellness. Ingredients: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rainforest Peppermint. | 2.1oz - 60g

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