1 stoneware Teacup | 370ml - 12.5oz

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Tea Strainer & Teacup in choice of black or white & 3-tea variety pack

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The Details

Always your cup of tea. The Firebelly Teacup matches our ceramic teapots, and has a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle to make sipping your tea an even better experience. These teacups are stackable, so go ahead and grab a few. You won’t be wasting any shelf space.


✓ Easy-To-Grip Handle
✓ Smart, Stackable Design
✓ Non-Toxic Glaze
✓ Fits Perfectly With Firebelly Tea Strainer
✓ 6 Colours
✓ Dishwasher Safe
✓ Forms Natural Air Vent For Drying When Flipped Upside Down


1. Enjoy your favourite teas in style by filling your Firebelly Teacup.
2. For storage, stack Teacups on top of one another.
3. Steep loose leaf tea right in your Teacup by combining with the Firebelly Tea Strainer.