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Firebelly Matcha is the Real Deal

Simply put, this is the best matcha you'll find. Try it, and see the difference.

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  • A1 Ceremonial-Grade

    Vibrant colour, incredible flavour, and packed with the most benefits.

  • Most Antioxidants

    Shade-grown and ceremonial-grade, to yield the highest levels of antioxidants in every sip.

  • Most L-Theanine

    Highest levels of l-theanine mellow the effects of caffeine, reduce stress and anxiety, and so much more.

  • A Better Energy Boost

    No spike, crash, or jitters – just smooth, focused energy.

  • Glow From the Inside

    Support your cells and immune system, promote healthy skin, even support brain health and mood.

The Best Seller

Experience the Ultimate Travel Mug

It's landed on best-of lists all over the internet, and gets 5-star reviews from on-the-move customers like you. It's high time you found out why.

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When Every Detail Matters

  • No Added Flavourings

    Just real plants & botanicals with proven benefits. No unlisted anything.

  • Planet-Friendly Packaging

    Home-compostable pouches & recyclable display boxes.

  • Certified Organic

    USDA certified organic. Screened and tested for toxins and impurities.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    Risk-free sipping and steeping. Just contact us within 30 days.

  • Better Value Than Cafes

    Premium quality starting at 50 cents per cup.

The Rave Reviews Are In

  • "Love This Tea"

    ★★★★★ “These teas have replaced my evening glass of red wine. I get a better sleep. Really quite look forward to my after dinner, pre-bedtime mug of Firebelly.” - Heather, Verified Buyer

  • "Perfection"

    ★★★★★ “I’m surprised this unique tumbler isn’t being praised all over the internet. It not only excels at brewing loose leaf tea, but its stop-infusion tech works like magic.” - Evan, Verified Buyer

  • "Best Matcha Ever"

    ★★★★★ “This is hands down the best matcha I’ve ever tasted. I’m subscribed and use this every day to start my day. Love it!” - Vedika, Verified Buyer

  • "Great New Product"

    ★★★★★ "Amazing packaging, eco-friendly, easy guides to follow for a new tea drinker! Great gift for the holidays.” - Tyler, Verified Buyer