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You need to impress. You also need it to be simple. We've got you covered with premium corporate gifts curated for your brand, plus personalized service that makes it all so easy.

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Elevated Corporate Gifting

Our brand and yours – we're better together. That's because corporate gifts from Firebelly Tea don't end up in the back of a closet, or worse, a landfill. The best corporate gifts are a perfect mix of form and function – and that just happens to be exactly what we're known for. Our design-forward sensibilities knock that first impression out of the park, but that's just the beginning.

So why is premium loose leaf tea the perfect corporate gift? Studies show the power of healthy rituals, and the art of making loose leaf tea is a perfect example. This grounding ritual paired with organic, real ingredients gives your employees and clients the gift of self care and improved wellness. Our stylish tea accessories not only bring the joy of beauty to the process, but are loaded with smart features and simple to use.

Time to rethink your employee gifts or client gifts with unique corporate gift ideas that the entire team will love.

  • No Fake Flavours

    Authentic flavours from real, premium ingredients only. Never any lab-made "added flavourings" (or the unlisted preservatives that come with them).

  • Big On Style

    Homewares that turn heads make the perfect gift. High-end materials and quality construction, plus smart features that make steeping simple.

  • Sustainably Minded

    100% home-compostable tea pouches and recyclable display boxes. ClimatePartner Climate Neutral certified.

  • Exceptional Service

    Working with you to elevate your gifting strategy, streamline the process, and make corporate gift giving the easiest part of your job.

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Build the Perfect Corporate Gift

Create gifts using our existing teas and tea accessories or work with us on customized corporate gifts for that personal touch. A thoughtful gift is just a conversation away.

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Corporate Gift Ideas

Not into being forgettable? Us either. The best corporate gifts are memorable, and there are so many reasons to give. Our unique corporate gifts are perfect for:

Employee holiday gifts • New employee welcome gifts • Employee appreciation • Employee recognition • Corporate events • New clients • Client gifts • Special occasions


    Easily put together a great gift in the perfect price range by selecting from our wide range of loose leaf teas and tea accessories.


    The ultimate simple corporate gift: choose a high-end gift set beautifully packaged in a premium gift box with gold foil embossing.


    Make your corporate gift next-level. We can create a custom design featuring your company logo, select teas for a custom variety pack, or even work with you on an exclusive.


    Treat your hardworking team or new customers right, no matter the number, with low minimum orders on core teas and accessories.


    A premium corporate gift at reasonable costs is a win-win. We'll work with you to make an impression while sticking to your budget.


    We love what we do, and it shows. Our team is happy to work with you on on-site tastings or to provide education on our teas and accessories.



We may be a little biased, but tea is the perfect corporate gift. Our delicious teas and beautiful tea accessories work as a thoughtful gift for anyone, anytime. There are many studies about the power of ritual, and a loose leaf tea ritual gives your employees and clients the gift of self care and improved wellness. Our teas are made with only the best organic ingredients and we'll make sure your gift has all the essentials for perfect steeping and sipping.

Does Firebelly Tea offer gifts?

That's a big yes. Our high-end, design-forward loose leaf tea and tea accessories are a great corporate gift. We have a range of existing gift bundles or can curate a new bundle just for you, and we offer ready-to-gift Gift Sets in beautiful high-end packaging with gold-foil embossing. Or, go personalized with customized corporate gifts.

WHY GIVE corporate gifts?

There are so many great reasons to gift. Build company culture with employee gifts rewarding outstanding performance, welcoming new employees, reaching out to remote employees, celebrating a major milestone, or marking special occasions with employee holiday gifts. Employee appreciation is one reason for business gifts, client gifts are another great opportunity. Add a personal touch and send a thoughtful message with a gift basket featuring delicious treats and head-turning teawares. Client thank you and new client appreciation are a great gift idea that can go a long way.

Can I get a custom corporate gift?

Yes! We'd love to work with you on unique corporate gift ideas with a personal touch. Our team can put together a custom design featuring your company logo and company name. For even more unique gifts, curate your own tea variety pack featuring your favorite drinks. We can even work to develop an exclusive tea for your gift.

What makes Firebelly Tea different?

We do things differently. First, we do not use any added flavorings in our loose leaf tea, something that is almost unheard of in the industry. We believe real ingredients trump fake flavorings (including "natural" flavorings) and that's why we've blended our organic tea leaves with only real, organic ingredients that meet our gold standard. We also believe in the power of beauty and the effect of simple, meaningful rituals. Our design-forward packaging and modern accessories make the experience of steeping and drinking loose leaf tea even better – a perfect example of meaningful but simple ritual that can have a big impact on our personal lives. Built on decades of tea experience, our full line of tea accessories is loaded with smart, functional features, making it an exceptional gift idea.

Is Firebelly Tea a sustainable tea brand?

Glad you asked – sustainability is really important to us. Our tea pouches are 100% home-compostable and display boxes are recyclable. Our accessories are made with materials like glass, ceramic, and silicone. Our tea is blended in a ClimatePartner Climate Neutral certified facility.

Are your teas organic?

All of our core teas are organic. We source organic tea leaves from the best tea gardens in the world and develop our tea recipes using organic ingredients.